Year Six: Term 6 Home Learning

Hi everyone,

For the last month of the term years 5 and 6 will doing the same home learning. This can be found under year 5’s home learning. We looking forward to seeing what you produce.

Miss Hayes and Mrs Brown



Hi everyone,

Wow where did those 2 weeks go, we have missed hearing all your news and seeing your work – we didn’t know what to do without your emails in the evenings.

So you may have heard that we will now be sending your week’s work at the beginning of the week however the problem is that we have too much to send so we are going to carry on as normal and just send it out everyday. Send it back like usual and we will mark it for you.

​I spend a lot of today in the garden digging up the soil ready to plant the sunflowers that we have grown. We had a little visitor come and join us – please see the attached picture. Needless to say that we all screamed and ran!!

We hope that you are all doing well and we know that we will see lots of you back in school over the next few weeks, which we are very excited about.

Take care and enjoy the work.

Miss Hayes and Mrs Brown



Morning year 6,

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed having a break from English and Maths last week.

This term for English we are studying an award winning picture book called FArTHER by Grahame Baker-Smith. This book will be studied both in class and at home, so if you are returning to school in a week or two, make sure you stay up to date with it!

Attached is just Monday’s work; I will continue to send work each day so it will be the same as last term.

Miss Hayes