Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for year 1-6 and on the EYFS framework for our reception (Bumble Bees) class.   Please see the topic plans for coverage of the subject areas and the Bumble bee topic plan for their curriculum.  The school prospectus has more information about each subject or please speak to the relevant class teacher.

At Canterbury Road we offer a broad and rich curriculum based on high quality teaching and experiences.  Children attend trips and events to enrich the curriculum such as those to see ‘The Snowman’ or ‘Wicked’ in London or ‘use of money’ workshops for older children.


Our English teaching is based on high quality books with interesting and engaging drama activities to support the children’s understanding of texts and their writing.  We are very pleased to be part of a project with The Royal Shakespeare Company and so all children learn about Shakespeare’s plays and we put on a production each year.  In 2014, all children learnt about one of his plays and parents were invited into workshops on this.  The drama club performed a scene from ‘Henry IV, part 1’ in Canterbury and at the Marlowe Theatre after training with the RSC which was amazing.

Our children in year 1 upwards have a guided reading lesson each day and all children have a reading book to take home to practise.  Our children use a book banded scheme based around Oxford Reading Tree but with other books included to ensure a range of texts. Once children are fluent and confident readers, they move onto the Accelerated Reader scheme which is new this year. This is based on ‘real books’ that children read at home and follow up with a comprehension test taken on the iPad.  Each child’s progress is tracked and celebrated and parents can log into their child’s account to monitor and celebrate too.

All children have a phonics or spelling/grammar lesson each day to build these essential skills. This is based around ‘Letters and Sounds’ with our own ‘Big Spell’ system used every day for children to learn and practise their focus words. Children are expected to have high standards of spelling and grammar in all their work and spelling is a focus for improvement this year.


Our maths teaching is based on learning about ‘real’ objects and using equipment to support children’s understanding of mathematical concepts. Children are taught to have a good mental grasp of number and to be able to use this knowledge to solve problems and apply it investigations.

Our teaching is often practical and investigative and builds on previous skills. Frequent assessment means that the staff know where each child’s understanding or gaps are and so they can plan for these.

Other areas such as shape and algebra are taught regularly and this knowledge and these skills are applied in investigations too.