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Learning at home

I am sure some parents are worried about their child’s learning whilst they are off school. Each teacher has written a letter to their class and included ideas of activities they can do over the coming weeks. I have also sent the spelling lists of words children need to learn to spell to Years 1-6 and a list of useful websites that have games and resources to use. There are many free websites out there so if you find a good one, please share it with your friends and let me know and I will send it out to everyone.

We haven’t sent paper packs as we can’t send out 210 sets of work on paper due to cost and practicality.   Lots of activities from the websites do not need to be printed – you can write the answers or ideas on paper and we have sent home a whiteboard and pen that can be reused. There are lots of games to play and times tables ones are really important for Year 4, 5 and 6.

Most children need a routine and so you may like to consider keeping mornings for ‘school’ work and then, after lunch, doing other activities like cooking, art and craft, photography with a mobile phone or camera, playing in the garden or walking and exploring. Children could write a show or dance routine and perform it to their family or make up a fitness circuit in the garden. Maybe they could improve their fitness or a skill like juggling or keepy-uppies by counting or measuring their achievements each day or week.

The teachers will be in touch regularly with learning updates and please ask if you need some advice or are not sure of something. You can send photos of their work to office@canterbury-road.kent.sch.uk and the teachers will be pleased to see what the children have been learning.

I hope we will see you all soon. Keep safe.

Kind regards,

Mrs King and all the staff


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