Governor Statement of Action 2019 – 2020

Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Board of Canterbury Road Primary School 2019-2020

In accordance with the Government’s requirements for all governing boards, the three core strategic functions of a Primary School Governing Body are:

Ensuring clarity and vision, ethos and strategic direction
Holding senior leaders to account for the educational performance and achievement of the school and its pupils.
Overseeing the financial management of the school and making sure that its money is effectively and appropriately spent.

Governance Organisation

We are a small governing body and work within the circle model.  Where possible, governors have been, and will be, recruited to match skills identified to provide effective governance of the school.  The skills audit is completed by all governors annually to ensure this is up to date.  The current governing body members are listed on the school website along with their meeting attendance record.  The governors meet six times a year with an extra business meeting in September.  The minutes of these meetings are public documents and are also available from the school office on request.

Monitoring and evaluation are core activities of the work of the governors.  In order to make these as effective as possible, governors monitor in pairs and their work links directly to the School Improvement Plan which is written by the leadership team and governors using data analysis alongside the school self review.

Governors work during the last academic year (2019-2020)

Governors make monitoring visits to the school on a termly basis focusing on school priorities. During this monitoring, governors analyse practice and data and/or discuss progress towards targets and the effectiveness of the plan and action.  They then report back to the full governing body for discussion so impact can be discussed and measured.  Governors also attend school events such as the Summer and Christmas fairs, sports’ days and educational and cultural school events such as theatre productions and trips to museums.  Governors are seen as the critical friend to the school and work with the staff for the good of the school.

This year Governors have monitored key areas of the school improvement plan and the progress and attainment of all children in the school. They have asked questions and ensured that the school is gaining value for money, for example, from the Pupil Premium funding.

Training for the governing body is ongoing. Governors have all updated their knowledge, understanding and competence with regard to changed safeguarding and anti-radicalisation statutory requirements.  All governors have reviewed and updated their Enhanced DBS checks to ensure that these meet the new requirements which came into effect in September 2016.  All governors have read KCSIE 2020.


Governors monitor and analyse progress against targets in the School Improvement Plan and hold the leadership to account during visits and in meetings. For example, regarding the target of pupils in EYFS children attaining at least in line with national average in GLD, literacy and number, governors visited the class, talked to pupils and staff and scrutinised data.  This will continue to be a focus next year and governors will continue to work with the school towards this.

Governors also monitored curriculum enrichment activities and how the children responded to the school’s partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company for example. The Governing Body found this to be an invaluable investment and worth the financial cost.

Governors saw how the leadership team ensure standards of achievement, attainment and teaching are high through the effective and thorough use of data tracking and lesson and book monitoring.  The GB observed how the quality of teaching was paramount to pupil success and the steps the leadership team take to ensure this remains high.

Governors have a good understanding of how the school measures progress and attainment and are able to scrutinise data and hold leaders to account.  This enables governors to have an independent overview of statutory data and can assess the school’s success.

Contacting the Governing Board:

We always welcome suggestions, feedback, ideas and support from all of our stakeholders.  Please contact the Chair of Governors – Mrs Catherine Mitchell via the school office or website.