Year Three: Term 5 Home Learning

Dear Year 3,

In the stories that we read the characters always have a problem they have to change and adapt to overcome before they can come back together for their happy ending. Our change is that we need to stay home instead of coming to school and unfortunately, as you already know, we will have to stay home for a little be longer! I miss you and your wonderful stories and although they make me miss you even more, I have really enjoyed your emails and photographs of what you have been up to.

As we head into the next term please keep up all your hard work. I can see how hard you have been working towards your reading targets so please keep up with your reading and AR quizzes.

Every day I will send you an email with English, Maths and GPS work and on Mondays I will send you Topic work to be completed that week. This week it is my favourite – Science! Please don’t forget to put Year 3 in the subject when you are sending in your work.

The happy ending will hopefully come very soon and we can get back to learning together and having lots of fun!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Mrs Griffiths