Mrs Z King – Headteacher

Mrs S Brown – Deputy Headteacher


Mrs W Down – Office Manager

Mrs J Mace- Admin Assistant


Mr A Gray – Site Manager

Mr G Mace – Caretaker

Mrs L Ines – Cleaner

Mrs M Rees – Cleaner


Mrs L Coldwell – SENCO

Mrs J Thorne – Speech & Language Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Babin – Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

Mrs L Cogger – Reading Teaching Assistant and Librarian

Mrs K Martin  – Reception Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs L Griffiths – Reception Teacher

Miss N Wilson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Wood – Teaching Assistant

Miss S Hague- Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hiller  – Year 1 Teacher

Mrs K O’Ryan – Teaching Assistant

Miss A Tyas – Year 2 Teacher

Miss C Jukes – Teaching Assistant

Mr A Kent – Year 3 Teacher

Mrs S Spice – Teaching Assistant

Miss J Barnes- Year 4 Teacher

Mrs E Cork – Teaching Assistant

Miss A Oxberry – Year 5 Teacher

Miss A Le Conte – Teaching Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Mrs L Taljaard- Teaching Assistant

Miss K Finn – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Brown – Year 6 Teacher

Miss J Hayes – Year 6 Teacher

Mrs C Eastop – Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Hayes – Midday Supervisor

Mrs L Ines – Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Quinlan – Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Corton – Midday Supervisor

Miss K Mitchell – Midday Supervisor

Miss C Jukes – Midday Supervisor

Mrs C Reeves – Midday Supervisor

Miss L Phythian – Midday Supervisor

Miss M Newton – Midday Supervisor

Miss N Palmerton – Midday Supervisor