Canterbury Road Primary School
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Information about reading and phonics

At Canterbury Road we love to read and our aims are to both foster a love of books and the skills needed to achieve a high standard of reading.

Home reading
Your child will be given a home reading book they should share with you every day if possible.  You will get ideas about how to read with your child when they start school with us or there are ideas on this website.

We use ‘book banded’ books – these are books from lots of different publishers grouped around the same reading level. Our main scheme is Oxford Reading Scheme and the children learn about the characters from these books in reception. As you child’s reading develops they move through the book bands until they become a ‘free reader’ which corresponds to around a level 3 of the National Curriculum. At this point, the children choose their own books either from the class selection or the library. 
Guided reading
There are daily reading sessions each day called ‘guided reading’ from year 1 onwards and the reception class also have reading activities each day.  These sessions take place in groups with the children reading at similar levels.  The children read with the teacher once a week and with a teaching assistant once a week. On the other days, they do quiet reading, comprehension or phonic activities or work related to their literacy lessons.
We have a fantastic library that the children use on a Monday lunchtime to borrow books.  The children use it at different times to read or hear stories and do research.
The children learn to hear letter sounds (phonemes) in words and what they look like (graphemes) from reception.  These are taught daily up through repetition, activities and games.   These sessions continue to year 4 usually as the children learn to read and spell more difficult words.  Your child may bring phonemes or words home to learn.  We use the scheme Letters and Sounds as a basis for our teaching. If you would like any ideas to help your child, please see the class teacher.