Time 8.00 – 8.45 am

Written October 2016

To be reviewed October 2017

At Breakfast Club we are committed to providing families of Canterbury Road School with an extended school facility, offering breakfast in a safe and secure environment at the beginning of each school day. Children are admitted after a completed registration form is received. There is no requirement to book in advance, and children are welcome on a drop-in basis, once the required paperwork is in place.

Breakfast Club begins at 8.00am, when children are received and registered by Mrs Kisnorbo and Mrs Sheppard. They are then brought into school at 8.45 and delivered to their individual classes. Both Mrs Kisnorbo and Mrs Sheppard are First Aid trained, and Mrs Kisnorbo has received training in Food Handling and Hygiene. Care plans for any children with special medical needs are kept on file and also displayed in a prominent place.

The aims of the club are as follows:

  • To give parents the opportunity to work outside school hours by offering low cost childcare.
  • To prepare children for their day by providing a healthy, nutritious breakfast, including a choice of cereals, fruit juice, toast and waffles.
  • To instil independence by encouraging children to serve themselves, then to wash and wipe up after they have finished.
  • To promote health and personal hygiene by ensuring children wash their hands before eating and brush their teeth after eating.
  • To provide a home-from-home atmosphere where children feel nurtured.
  • To help children develop friendly, positive relationships.


The Breakfast club is Ofsted Registered, up to a maximum of 24 children. The Registration number is EY309769.


The current prices are (with effect from April 2016):

From 8.00am until 8.45am, including breakfast     £3.00 per session

From 8.15 until 8.45am, no breakfast                          £2.00 per session

From 8.30 until 8.45am, no breakfast                         £1.50 per session

Staff currently employed by the school are offered a 50% discount on these prices.

Our prices are kept as low as possible, to cover costs only, and prices will only be increased if necessary to avoid running at a loss.

At Breakfast Club we also adhere to the following Canterbury Road School Policies:

Promoting Positive Behaviour and Values

Safe Guarding (Child Protection) – designated DCPO Mrs King and Mrs Brown

Equal Opportunities

Health and Safety


Copies of these policies are available to view from the main school office.