Attendance – Guidelines for Parents

We believe that full attendance is essential to ensure each child receives his or her entitlement to a full education.  The school actively encourages attendance by promoting a positive school environment and developing effective registration and attendance procedures.

Registration   The register is taken at 9.00am, which is the actual start of the school day and learning time.  After this time, entrance to the school is made via the office only.

Punctuality   It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure arrival at the correct time.  This ensures the children have a settled and calm start to the day.   If you do arrive late, you will need to use the School Road gate and sign in at the office before going to class.  Punctuality is expected and, after a period of monitoring should a pattern of lateness emerge, the school will inform parents of their concerns in writing and a meeting with the headteacher will be arranged.  Further concerns are referred to the Educational Welfare Officer.  Arrival after 9.20am is counted as an ‘unauthorised absence’ so please always ring if you are going to be late.

Rewards    Good attendance and punctuality are rewarded with the “Attendance Ted” and “Punctuality Puppy”, awarded to the class with highest percentage attendance and fewest incidences of lateness each week.

A certificate of 100% attendance is rewarded to individual pupils achieving 100% attendance for Term 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Procedures for when a child is absent from School

Absence     Absence is discouraged as it adversely affects the child’s educational and social development.   Parents should inform the school of an absence by a telephone call by 9.20am on the morning of absence.  Messages passed on verbally by a child are not acceptable.  A letter explaining the absence must always be sent into school when the child returns.  If the absence is thought to be a prolonged one, parents should inform the school and seek suitable work for the child.

First Day Calling      Parents of children who are absent and have not already advised the school will be telephoned by the School Office.  Contact with parents ensures that the child is safe, along with reinforcing school expectations regarding attendance and maintaining open communication with parents.

After a period of monitoring should a pattern of absence emerge, the school will advise parents of their concerns in writing and further concerns are then referred to the School Liaison Officer (SLO).  Significant unauthorised absence or persistent lateness may lead ultimately to a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Fixed Penalty Notices   Schools have new legal powers regarding unauthorised absence or lateness.  This system is implemented using Local Authority guidance and was adopted by the Governing Body from September 2007.  Under this scheme a Penalty Notice is £120 per parent, per child, but if payment is made by you within 21 days of receipt of this Notice it will be £60 per parent, per child. If you pay this penalty within the time limits, no further action will be taken against you in connection with the offence as set out in this notice, i.e. your liability for the offence will be discharged.


Holidays in term time will not be authorised.   Only in exceptional circumstances may absence in term time be granted.  The decision will be at the discretion of the Headteacher, who will take into account circumstances, including knowledge of the family concerned.   Other requests for leave of absence can be requested by sending in a letter to the Headteacher.

Authorised/Unauthorised Absence

The Headteacher has discretion over awarding authorised or unauthorised status.  Below are examples of absences deemed not to be authorised.

Going shopping.
Helping a parent at home.
Remaining at home whilst sibling is not at school due to a school having a staff development day.
A parent or sibling’s illness, except in exceptional circumstances.
Getting up late and not coming in for the remainder of the session/day.
Long Weekends.
Visiting relatives etc.

The School Liaison Officer (SLO) makes regular visits to maintain an overview and monitor attendance records.  She consults closely with the Office Administrator and Headteacher, particularly regarding any children whose attendance is causing concern.

We know you want the best for your children and hope you will support us so your child has a continuous and settled education.